Tuesday, November 29, 2011

the Pallet project

Holli - "Mom, we're going to do a project from Pinterest over Thanksgiving"
Me - "Can't we just do nothing?"
Holli - "No"

Then about a week before she came home I saw my neighbor had a pallet laying next to his truck.
I asked him if he could get us 3 more.
In the mean time Holli came home and Kirby, Holli and I ran some errands including a fabric store in North Raleigh.  I just wanted to stop there 'for a minute' to get some feather pillow inserts.
An hour and a half later we had a huge piece of foam 80"x27"x5" and some fabric for making pillows for Holli's future Pallet sofa!
We also saw a couple pallets outside of the store and asked if we could have them. They said yes and we loaded them in the car.

We quickly learned that pallets are different sizes and we needed four to match pretty well.
Our new find did not match the one from my neighbor.
Holli and Kirby took a little trip in the car around town looking for more pallets. They traded their original pallets for some that would more closely match each other.
Is that stealing?
I think it's trading.

Now the 4 pallets needed to be cut down to size.
We just happen to have builders working on our screened porch ceiling. So of course Holli got them to cut our pallets!

We started small by making a couple pillows first. 

Then we moved on to covering the big piece of foam.
The challenge was getting it ON the foam!
It took a team of three.
Thanks Amanda S!

At this point we loaded the 4 pallets in the car
along with the foam cushion
and the 2 new pillows
and headed back to Nashville.

At Holli's house we finished the pallets with six 3" locking swivel casters
and a few metal plates to hold it all together.
A little drilling then nuts and washers and bolts

The pallet boards are all different sizes
so the center caster had to move in a row.

The finished product!

Those crates at the end were a nice little discovery while Holli and Kirby were on their pallet hunt.

Thanks to Pinterest and the blog
for the great idea!


  1. This is SO cute!!!!!!! Good job girls!!!!





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