Friday, April 13, 2012

Paris and Pooh

How does a dear friend's 50th birthday slip by so quickly?
There was that surprise party in early November.
That's when I thought I still had plenty of time to make a special gift.
Then Thanksgiving AND the actual birthday
came and went.
then Christmas.
then New Year's.
Suddenly months have slipped by and all I had was a blank canvas
and some ideas.

I decided the canvas should represent all the 50th birthday celebrations that she had been blessed with.
a trip to Paris with her husband.
a trip to the Azores with her high school friends.
the surprise party.
and Pooh.
Pooh was important because she loves Pooh
and so do I.
The phrase I chose makes me think
of an imagined conversation
between she and I.
You see, I don't just slap paint on a canvas.
I put my heart on the canvas.
Here's how it went


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