Sunday, August 26, 2012

after craft camp - finishing things up

While Craft Camp was a huge success in both fun and crafty accomplishments, I still had some loose ends to call my projects complete!

after the airport run I immediately got back to my kitchen valances

I forgot to take a photo of my old valances
but they were in the background of a few old pics
not very sharp photos but at least you can see the color and style
{they are much more teal and pink than the photo represents}
They were actually pretty awesome when I made them 18 years ago!
All I had to go on was a photo of my friend's valances.
Julie H had them made for her kitchen in Iowa
I loved them
so I picked my own fabrics and figured out how to construct them
time changes styles and colors
I wanted less of an emphasis on the teal and more of an emphasis on the black and greens
I added about 5 inches to the length so that I could move the rod above the window frame but still have it come to the same spot on the window
moving the rods were tedious
but with Jeff's help it was a success

I love the new look
especially with the new farm table, black chairs and bench

next up...

whatever happened to the baby quilt?

Thursday, August 23, 2012

1st annual Craft Camp

That's correct! 

It was craft camp at 

the Peterson home in August

Holli and her friend Courtney flew in from Nashville
Katie and Daniel drove up from Aiken
Daniel didn't participate in craft camp
He had other things to do around Raleigh and Cary
and Jeff graciously took on the role of camp cook!
We even squeezed in a movie at the theater and a fun game of Canasta that we picked up and continued each night.

Everyone arrived on Thursday afternoon. The girls shared with each other what we wanted to accomplish. Then we heading out to purchase whatever supplies we still needed.

Holli wanted to make a pillow, cover a pad for a tiny bench, make a couple pillowcases and make new curtains for her bedroom!
Katie wanted to make an apron and some earrings.
Courtney wanted to cover some pillows for her sofa and some for her porch.
I wanted to at least start on a baby quilt and maybe even new valances for my kitchen!

This was going to be a big undertaking as Courtney was learning to sew for the first time and Katie and Holli were adding to their learning curve!

We purchased fabrics to go with what we had and found the perfect fabrics for both Holli's windows and mine.
We were already on a roll!

Here is day 2 when
the campers are really getting started.
Holli in the background at the ironing board
{sweet child of mine even ironed all my skirts and shorts in my to-do pile}
Courtney is in the foreground cutting out her first pillow cover
Katie is designing and cutting out the first part of her apron

Katie piecing her apron front

Katie was 'getting to know' the sewing machine that she got for Christmas from Daniel. Not to mention designing and figuring out how to make this apron WITHOUT a pattern! She's well on her way to being a pro at this sewing stuff!

here's me - piecing on the baby quilt
Holli did most of this while I was helping the other two. She is good at this piecing stuff!
But, I wanted to make this quilt so she saved some of the piecing for me!
And at the end of day 2...
we had a couple pillow covers for Courtney {background}
a pillow case for Holli {yellow bicycles on white}
a pieced pillow for Holli {bottom center}
an apron front for Katie {left}
a baby quilt top for Lois {right}

On day 3 Katie learned how to etch metal,
all this, while still working on her apron!
First the hole punching
then the stamping
then the actual etching

the finished earrings are fabulous

Katie is a quick study and has this down now too!
Plus, she has given me new etching ideas for
it's by design

There was lots of 'team' measuring and cutting for the two sets of window treatments.

Even Piper got in on the action! {Holli waits patiently in the background}
and because we were ALWAYS having fun at this craft camp
here is Katie on her magic carpet ride
AKA strips of my new kitchen valance

and MORE fun...
while Holli presses and pins the hem to her curtains
I just stand next to her and entertain!

more from day 3
custom reversible bib apron
by Katie
Katie checking out the reverse side {upper left}.
Just before the front and back were sewn together
tucking the bib, neck sash {not quite tucked yet}, and the waist sash inside the edge. Then side 1 of the apron could lie on top, right sides together {upper right} and the final machine seam could be sewn all around the rectangle. A small opening was left so that it could be turned inside out. After everything looked good and the sashes and bib were released from their captivity, the opening was hand sewn shut.
{arrrggg! the girls learned that lots of projects end with hand sewing}
Side 1 of apron {lower left}
Side 2 of apron {lower right}
Yes, that's a pocket on both sides!
we're officially professionals

the hand sewing begins

and here we are on day 4 just showing it all off!

Katie had to head back to South Carolina on the afternoon of day 4.
Holli and Courtney and I still had a full day 5 to finish hand sewing all the pillow closures and Holli's LINED bedroom curtains.
That was a big project
mainly because there was so much fabric!

the Loot photo on day 4
pillows, pillows and more pillows
and earrings that Holli commissioned me to make
the pearl necklace is a custom order for a special bride that I finished during craft camp. So it became part of the loot!

when the Tennessee girls returned to their homes
here's how they showed off some of their projects

Courtney's sofa pillows
Courtney's porch pillows
{there are actually two of each}
and a sage green pillow {pictured in the loot photo} for her sofa

lots of crafty additions to Holli's already crafty bedroom
the burlap type fabric curtains are lined with blackout lining
Holli LOVES to sleep in when her schedule allows!
the little black bench that Grampa made now sports a new cushion of salmon and white polka dots {left}

the cute little pieced pillow is backed with the polka dots
it's home is on the palette couch we made last fall

the bicycle pillowcases brighten up her new bedding
hide her guest pillows
for when someone passes through town and sleeps on the sofa
{she and Courtney even built the trunk at the end of her bed}
this little apple doesn't fall far from her mama's tree!

that's it for craft camp 2012

my kitchen valances and baby quilt were not completed at craft camp but they will be blogged about soon!

Monday, August 6, 2012

testing one of my Pinterest pins!

I am always trying to come up with a great backdrop for taking my product photos.
I love the outdoor shots but sometimes that can be too busy for the jewelry.
So one day this summer I see this pin on Pinterest.

I bought a square piece of wood so I would have lots of surface
for taking my jewelry photos.
I soaked the steel wool in the vinegar just as instructed in the original blog.

and this is what I got...

wouldn't you say?
not black
So I tried it again for another overnight and it didn't change.
I'm not sure if it was the fact that the wood was new and quite hard or why it didn't change it to a nice grey/black finish.
Not to be defeated, I bought some black stain and rubbed it on.

I thought it would rub off easily with a rag for the look I wanted.
no, it didn't.
So I grabbed some sandpaper and sanded away.
I even added more black stain
rubbed it 'off'
and sanded some more.
Eventually, I decided to be satisfied so I rubbed a finish on it.

Here is one of the ways I use it.

Here is what shows up in my Etsy Shop

Sunday, July 15, 2012

another graduation scrapbook

In 1999 I was introduced to the world of scrapbooking. My 1st niece was about to graduate from high school so I thought a scrapbook would be the perfect personal gift from me.
That got the ball rolling for 'the graduation scrapbook' gift from Auntie Lo!
Over the years since that first graduation I have made one for her sister, my three children and another niece. This year was my nephew's turn. With all good intentions to start it early, I waited until the last minute!
In fact I began on Tuesday, April 24th and finished it on Tuesday, May 22nd. I worked each and every day. In some cases ALL day and into the evening. I left one day to clean up and pack and we headed to Iowa for Will's graduation, scrapbook in tow, on the 25th!  That first book for Dori was a surprise. By the time I got to this book for Will, his mother (my sister) provided me with all the photos, even having categorized them all nice and neat in a box.
There is a HUGE creative leap between the book from1999 filled with triangles of colored paper and lots of stickers, and the book of 2012.    But then, isn't that how all crafts and abilities evolve over time?

Starting with the birth page

here are a few more pages
not in any particular order.
I love taking photos that have a theme even if they are from all different ages. Then I create the artwork out of that theme, such as the Tinkertoys!
  Will was expecting the book but it is still a joy for me to watch him open the cover for the first time and dig in.

Inside the cover of each book I have written a favorite AA Milne quote from 
Winnie The Pooh

"I lay this book in your lap.
Say you're surprised?
Say you like it?
Say it's just what you wanted?
Because it's yours-
because I love you.” 

each book got a little bigger
sometimes it's best to be last!

Friday, April 13, 2012

Paris and Pooh

How does a dear friend's 50th birthday slip by so quickly?
There was that surprise party in early November.
That's when I thought I still had plenty of time to make a special gift.
Then Thanksgiving AND the actual birthday
came and went.
then Christmas.
then New Year's.
Suddenly months have slipped by and all I had was a blank canvas
and some ideas.

I decided the canvas should represent all the 50th birthday celebrations that she had been blessed with.
a trip to Paris with her husband.
a trip to the Azores with her high school friends.
the surprise party.
and Pooh.
Pooh was important because she loves Pooh
and so do I.
The phrase I chose makes me think
of an imagined conversation
between she and I.
You see, I don't just slap paint on a canvas.
I put my heart on the canvas.
Here's how it went

Monday, January 9, 2012

better at projects than posts...that should count

I've actually been quite crafty since my last post,
just not diligent with my crafty blog.
Let's catch up.

First I came up with a good use
for two of the old doors
that came out of the back hall remodel.

I had been contemplating something new
for displaying my necklaces at shows.

cut down the doors
remove the knobs
pull out my favorite paper, scraps and maps
 and the white glue/water mixture

I added corkboard to the other side
and then hinged it together.

Here it is in action
at The Handmade Market!

Then there was the pillow for Piper.

I got out the fabric samples that Holli had given me
from when she worked for an Interior Designer

I began by cutting squares and rectangles
out of the samples
and sewed them together.
As I got closer to the overall pillow size
I had to sort of work it like a puzzle.

side one

side two

The pillow insert is a very used insert from a chair.
That's what led me to make this in the first place.
My favorite chair and a half had lousy pillow inserts.
I finally purchased some great feather inserts.
I couldn't just toss the old ones!
They looked sort of flat and even split in the center.
But, for some reason it just looked like a comfy doggie pillow to me!

look at those sad pillow inserts

one happy Piper!
Next up
 the paper poms
Oh, the paper poms
who knew the paper poms would be tricky to make?
certainly not I.

I had this great idea to make paper poms
for decorations for a
Bridal shower I was hosting 
for my dear friend
My friends and co-hosts 
Becca and Libby
got in on the fun.
My first shock was that the flowers would turn out so large!
For some reason, I thought they were going to be 
these small little flowers that would turn into
a garland.
They could have been,
but as we tried them
we found out that the smaller the flower
the harder it was to work

First you cut a width of tissue paper
about the same size as what you want
the finished diameter of your pom to be.

Libby had just folded her purple paper accordion style
and was adding the floral wire.
We followed the directions

I worked on the green poms.
We rounded some of the ends
as shown on Martha Stewart.
Some of them we trimmed to a point.

 Becca worked on an orange one
with rounded ends,
Carefully pulling layers
of tissue out from
each end.

Here is a green pom in progress.

The funny thing is that we thought
our poms were awful at the time!
Looking at these photos now...
They were actually
some pretty great poms!
No one can see the torn pieces here and there!

The holidays came and went
it was time to use our tissue paper poms
for the shower.
Our original plan of a garland
was replaced with
this awesome bunch of flowers
from a light fixture.
Cheers for Libby
and that idea!
If you look closely
you will see 
additional flower poms made of tulle.
They were made on the spot
out of lots of loops.
It was the perfect filler.

I know that I learned more than just a new craft
with this little project.
Three capable artists
thought they could whip through
this little project.
When the tissue paper
started tearing,
the frustration level
starting growing.
We expected perfection
from the start.
But, after a few hours
and a lot of laughs,
it turned out
we made some
pretty nice
tissue paper poms!
Thanks Becca and Libby
for the memory!

And finally,
the sweetest project of all...
Footprint pictures with "the greats"
I like to call my great nieces and nephew
"the greats"
After all,
they are pretty
We spent part of the holidays
with family in Des Moines this year.
That gave us the priceless opportunity
to hang out
the greats!
We searched Pinterest for a project idea.
Made a few creative additions of our own.
And here is how it went.

Sat perfectly still
not one bit ticklish.

Super ticklish!

Another ticklish one.
It was a challenge
to keep those toes
out of the green paint!

This one was Camryn's.
I added the star.
Holli added the trunk.

And for our crafty addition
to these mini masterpieces.
Holli added song lyrics.
Camryn's and Gage's
Auntie Carol and cousin Emma
wrapped them up
to surprise
some happy parents.

was a fun afternoon!
my greats!



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