Wednesday, November 16, 2011

sometimes you've just gotta change it up a bit

Looking through Pottery Barn catalogs and Ballard Design I always stop on those hallway organizing units. I want one but I actually already have one. I know, it makes no sense.
My back hall had a built in cabinet that was painted white.
I even designed it, but that was 18 years ago.
Behind those large doors were plenty of hooks holding jackets and bags.  There were stacks of beach towels and what turned out to be 7 pairs of Kirby's old shoes!  How did that happen? How did Kirby move to Colorado and leave 7 pairs of shoes?
Behind the top doors were light bulbs, batteries and flashlights, even coloring books and crayons. I suppose if I just cleaned it out and organized it a bit it would have been fine. But, it just wasn't the look I wanted anymore.
So I came up with a plan and hired a friend who has amazing woodworking skills.
First he took out the old cabinet.

Then he tried to 'slip' the new built-in in its place.
That took some unexpected extra work but Ray was a trooper and pulled it off with a smile!
This house isn't exactly 'square'!

it's in!
and now it's black
just like all the pieces in the catalogs!

And now it has baskets and hooks and jackets and light bulbs. It has coloring books and crayons and batteries and towels.  Now it even has mittens and hats just in case it ever snows!

 The beach towels look so much better rolled up
thanks for the idea Holli!

And if you've got little ones, we're ready for you with crayons and coloring books and other trips down memory lane.
Thanks Ray for your craftsmanship.
Thanks Jeff for painting and being on board with the change.

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  1. Okay, how am I just discovering your awesome jewlery website and blog?!?! Lois! You are SO talented and creative! I'm sure you already knew that :)



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