Tuesday, March 22, 2011

sometimes you win, sometimes you don't win

but you never lose!

Every now a then I get my ducks in a row and enter something that I have designed into some sort of publishing 'competition'.

My first experience was simply a pair of earrings that were published in Stringing Magazine in 2009.  They landed on the '17 earring designs page' and I was thrilled!  I think I even received a check for $15.00 for that big event.  But it was simply the accomplishment that I enjoyed.

Then about a year ago I tried my hand at needle felting and turned it into a pillow for my bed.  A short time later I saw that a publishing company was looking for 500 felted projects.  I thought, what the heck, I'll send photos of my felted pillow.  I waited months and months for them to decide.
Finally only weeks ago, I received the news...
Thanks, but no thanks.  That's OK, I love my pillow.  And after all, it WAS my first attempt at needle felting!
So, that's when I didn't win.

Here's when I won!
In the very same week I that I was turned away from the felted projects book I heard word from the magazine Cloth, Paper, Scissors. I had entered a reader challenge titled 'all buttoned up'
I'm pretty sure that I sent my photos in October or November.  I heard that I was a top contender in December!  I sent in the actual button necklace for further judging and low and behold....
I was published as one of the 17 winners to the challenge.  No prize money this time, but more joy and excitement!

what does this mean?  Just keep pluggin' away, keep tryin', keep creating!

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